Open Days are events held by schools, universities, companies and other institutions to provide interested parties with the opportunity to visit the institution, obtain information and ask questions. During an open day, visitors can, for example, obtain information about the programs or courses that are offered, the facilities and amenities that are available, and the atmosphere and culture of the institution.

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In some cases they can also get a tour and meet teachers, students or employees. Open days are an important way for institutions to attract potential students, employees or customers and to strengthen community ties.


Technology is increasingly being used to make open days more interactive and accessible to visitors.

Virtual tours

With the help of 360-degree photos and/or video images, visitors can take a virtual tour of the institution, without being physically present. This can be especially useful for visitors who live far away or who are unable to attend the open day for other reasons.

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Augmented reality (AR)

With the help of an AR app on their smartphone, visitors can, for example, obtain information about certain objects or rooms at the institution by simply pointing their camera at a specific location. For example, they can get information about a work of art or about the history of a building.

Live streaming

By livestreaming the open day via the internet, interested parties who are unable to attend can still follow the presentations and guided tours from a distance. They can even ask questions via a chat function.

Online information

In addition to information provided during the open day itself, the institution can also make information available online, for example on a special page on the website. This can be useful for visitors who want to look up even more information or who are unable to process all the information on the open day.

Interactive games and apps

To introduce visitors to the institution in a fun way, for example, games or apps can be developed that guide them through the institution and require them to carry out assignments. This can be especially appealing to younger visitors.

Examples Open Days

A university can organize an open day for secondary school students who are interested in studying at that university. Students and family members can take guided tours, attend presentations, ask questions of teachers and students, and experience the campus atmosphere.

A company can organize an open day to introduce potential customers to their products or services. For example, employees, relatives and other visitors can attend demonstrations, test products, and ask questions of company employees.

A primary school can organize an open day to introduce parents and children to the school and the teaching methods. Parents and visitors can then take a tour, participate in activities, and ask questions to the teachers.

A hospital can organize an open day to show the community what goes on behind the scenes. Relatives and visitors can then, for example, follow guided tours, attend presentations, and ask questions to doctors and nurses.

A sports club can organize an open day to recruit potential new members. For example, members and visitors get to know the different sports on offer, view the facilities, and ask questions to trainers and members of the club.

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